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5 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

5 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

Internet is more than a competitive place for bloggers. The key to gain success through this busy place is not to waste the time. Always keep in mind that there are almost infinite internet users globally and no one in this world has the capacity to discern the ideas of any other being; before anyone else comes up with the same idea, you should have made your material live. Hence, success is deduced.
But at times you are coerced to write up on the same content though it is complemented with some more unique points or a comprehensive style of writing, but still you have to contend the ultimate competition. Either advertise your content via different mediae or not, the organic traffic to your content can only be sought through search engines. In plain words, SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is a name given to the exploitation of search engines. The process of bringing your article from no where to the head-most results of a searched query is called SEO.

Numerous, very well written articles can be found on recapitulating SEO in general but articles on SEO, specifically for WordPress seems to be deficient. Still there is considerable room for guiding better ways of SEO on WordPress.
In this article, I am going to state 5 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress that will boost your websites’ ranking in no time.


Design Potato

This plugin is one of the highly recommended plugin by most of the top notch bloggers. The plugin has the ability to analyse the keywords most efficiently. The users of this plugin does not need to go through the targeted ad-word program by the Google. It has a built in feature to measure the keyword density; the higher the density of a certain keyword, the more are the chances of your website to appear in the search results whenever that particular keyword is searched on the internet.


All in One SEO Pack

Design Potato

As the name suggests, the plugin contains a variety of features. In simple words, it is a complete package for the newbies. It has backward compatibility with plugins such as Auto Meta, Ultimate Tag Warriors and others.

SEO Extended

SEO Extended is an extension to Yoast WordPress SEO. It has divided the process of doing SEO in to two. Now, you can edit post titles and meta keywords separately. It has classified the posts with their types, statuses and titles. This extended version is more handy in auditing the keywords of the website.

WP Social SEO Booster – Knowledge Graph Social Signals SEO

Design Potato

This plugin is highly admired by many of the bloggers for its automated SEO. Once installed properly, the administrator of the website does not need to carry a research for the keywords or meta description; the plugin automatically sets the desirable keywords in accordance with the content. Your efforts are only required to write an article useful for the targeted audience and give it a explicable title.

Basic SEO Pack

Design Potato

This plugin is, too, incorporated with all the common features of SEO and is widely used by most of the senior bloggers. The simplistic nature of the plugin has earned a good reputation. The rare element of this plugin is the ability to configure Google analytics too in a very user friendly style.

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  1. waoo great plugins and nice blog ,,,,i have installed all in one seo but now it is not giving the desired result,, can you plz tell me which plugin i must use now !!!

  2. If my theme give me the default SEO tools so which one I can select? default tool OR Yoast??

  3. ALL in one SEO has variety of features and plugins,but most of senior bloggers use Basic SEO pack.

  4. please define which one is best SEO plugin for wordpress blog

  5. Nice collection. A few of them i have used.I was also looking for this kind of collection. You can add another seo tools serplab.co.uk to check the result of Google SERP of any website. I have used many tools to check my site’s health in Google SERP. But it is totally free better than any premium seo tools

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